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Book of Views Classic Hall_pg3+5_1910s.pdf
Published approximately in the1910s
Pg 3-Campus in Winter, view of Classic Hall
Pg 5-Classic Hall
Pg 12-Automathean Literary Society Hall, in Classic Hall
Pg 24-The Flowery Path to Knowledge, Closer view of Classic Hall and plants in front.

Exponent Classic Hall_v25no4_pg5_19140601.pdf
A picture of students in front of Classic Hall

Exponent Classic Hall_v23no5_pg14_19120201.pdf
Page 14- Description of a recital held on Feb. 27th by Mme.Frieda Langendorff of the Metropolitan Opera Company

Exponent Classic Hall_v23no5_pg3_19120201.pdf
Page 3 - Memorial service held in Classic Hall for Miss Cardwell and Mrs. Williams.
Page 12- Program of Senior Recitals Held in Classic Hall

Exponent Classic Hall_v23no1_pg16_19111001.pdf
Page 16 Mentions Classic Hall as the location of an assembly held on the first day of class
Page 41 Features an ad for Howard Payne College and describes Classic Hall as "a model in architecture"

Pamphlet entitled "Catalogue of Central College Library at Fayette, Mo. 1887." 57 pages. 15.5 cm high. Has index of author names, possibly missing some pages. Several writings in pencil and stray pencil marks.

Exponent October 1912 pgs 30-31
Pages 20-21 from the October 1912 edition of the Howard-Payne Exponent. "Teacher's Recital." held in Classic Hall, detailed on p. 21. Editorial staff and editorial on opening of the school is on p. 20.

Pages 22-23 from the May 1913 edition of the Howard-Payne Exponent relating to the post graduate piano recital of Miss Myrtle Snarr, which took place in Classic Hall. On p. 23 is a poem: "The Bells of H.-P. C."

Pages 12-3 from the April 1913 edition of the Howard-Payne Exponent relating to the open session of the Automathean Literary Society held in Classic Hall.

Pages 16-17 from the May 1912 edition of the Howard-Payne Exponent relating to joint chapel services held between Central College and Howard-Payne in Classic Hall, as well as YWCA meetings held in Classic Hall.
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